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1997-1999 – Pauline was active in the London Support Group for the Liverpool Dockers and Women of the Waterfront. A pamphlet called “Another World Is Possible – How the Liverpool Dockers Launched a Global Movement” was written by sacked Dockers Tony Nelson, Mickey Tighe and Nick Silvano, plus John Pilger and from the London Support Group for the Liverpool Dockers: Alan Woodward, John Davies, Bronwen Handyside, Liz Knight, Chris Knight and Pauline Bradley. Pauline Bradley and Professor Chris Knight edited the pamphlet.
Another world is possible is available for free download as a pdf file.

If you prefer a physical copy, these can be purchased from our online store

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“Another World Is Possible – How the Liverpool Dockers Launched a Global Movement” contains many colour photographs; interviews with sacked Dockers, their wives and partners from Women of the Waterfront. It tells the story of how 500 Liverpool Dockers were sacked for refusing to cross a picket line, and their momentous, global struggle for reinstatement.
A 4 track CD of songs from the Liverpool Dockers dispute as well as a songbook with songs written by Pauline Bradley and sacked Docker Tommy Willows exists. If you wish more information you can contact me
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Tony Benn likes my music

Tony Benn, former Labour MP and Energy Minister who left Parliament so he could spend more time on politics; is deservedly loved and revered in the labour movement. He spoke regularly at Liverpool Dockers rallies and meetings during the 1995-97 dispute. He also speaks at the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival every year where he goes (as many of us do) to re charge his batteries.

In 1991 I had recorded a tape called “Don’t Give Up the Fight for Freedom.” In 1993, I attended the annual Chesterfield conference in Tony Benn’s then constituency and gave him the tape. He was very interested in it and in me as a singer/songwriter.

Later that year he and I simultaneously attended a rally in Tottenham in support of Women Against Pit Closures. I asked Tony if he’s listened to my tape, he said he had done, that it was really beautiful and that I must send him my name and address. I did as he asked and later received this statement from him on headed House of Commons paper. I was surprised and happy to say the least!

Image of Headed House of Commons paper with had written note from Tony Benn
Headed House of Commons paper, with words of support from Tony Benn
As well as the music and songs on Paulines "No Borders,No Barriers" album and her "Don’t Give Up the Fight for Freedom" recording, various clips of Pauline singing can be found on YouTube, including a cover of Sandra Kerrs "No Going Back"

Singing at North gate, Faslane where Trident WMD are based and Images from Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Dorset.

Images from Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Dorset

2001 - 2006 – Pauline was a Social Worker and union representative in Haringey, London at the time of the tragic death of Victoria Climbie. She was interviewed for the Today programme on Radio 4 about this matter, which was broadcast in January 2001. She was also interviewed for Panorama in 2008 about the tragic death of baby Peter Connolly, also in Haringey and for the London Evening Standard in a double page article entitled “Ticking Boxes Is No Way to Do Social Work.” She also wrote an article printed in Community Care magazine in July 2008 entitled “England should take a Lesson from its Northern Neighbours”
Pauline is also involved with the "Acting Strange" Theatre company, Links to some of their sites are shown below

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