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Aims and Objectives of Sound Inspirations Song Writing, Poetry Writing and Creative Writing workshops.
Who Benefits and how do they benefit?

In the past I have worked with people who have suffered from trauma or mental health problems, addictions, violence and people recovering from illness. Any individual or group who wants to learn more about how to write creatively and express themselves can benefit from these workshops.

Typically, at a Sound Inspirations Workshop

  • The group will decide on ground rules at the start, but they should include confidentiality
  • people should listen to each other.
  • all feedback is constructive and not hurtful or negative and people should respond with empathy if someone releases hurt feelings.
  • Is great fun and easier than it may seem!
  • The group can become mutually supportive.
  • Feedback from others helps people’s own creative process, builds confidence and is encouraging.
  • It helps people to reflect on their lives, work through problems and resolve them.
  • Is a cathartic process and helps people to release feelings
  • Taps into a creativity people didn’t think they had (it reaches the parts other therapies cannot reach!)
  • Enhances literacy. People can see the work they have created. Expands the mind

Image of Pauline with Dumbarton rock in the background
Pauline at Overtoun with the river Clyde and Dumbarton
rock in the background

Image of Pauline and Karen Dunlop
Pauline and Karen Dunlop

Image of Pauline at Holy Isle
At the highest point on Holy Isle, one of my favourite

Music, Percussion and Performance Groups

  • This can be combined with song writing, or done separately
  • It helps release feelings particularly when someone is struggling to find the words to express the feeling(s)
  • It encourages people to tap into their natural sense of rhythm.
  • It encourages self-expression
  • Is great fun and is a cathartic process
  • It can enhance and encourage the song writing process
  • Builds confidence and is great fun!
  • Continues to help people’s creative process
  • Is mutually supportive as the group continues to support each other
  • It helps to develop music, drama and performance skills
  • It helps overcome fears about expressing oneself
  • Is extremely validating
image of guitars Images of Madolin

After some time, people may be confident enough to perform their own or others material; in the group and/or perhaps at a planned social event.

If there are any questions you wish to ask, you can use the contact me page; or and I will be happy to answer them.

Many thanks - Pauline Bradley

What People have said About Pauline Bradley and Sound Inspirations Workshops...

Ann Morgan – Group participant. Works with people in recovery from alcohol abuse.

Image of Anne Morgan

Pauline’s song writing and music workshops were truly inspirational. Workshops involved women who had experienced trauma and loss. Women came together seeking emotional support from each other in a mutual help group. Using a variety of techniques including percussion and simple rhyme, the women were inspired to express their feelings in word and song. The workshops in which I participated were often funny and sad, enabling the participants to relive memory in a safe environment and with Pauline’s guidance, record happy times and sad times.

This method is extremely important in enabling people to use memory in healing and expressing pain. Additionally it was great fun using simple instruments since many in the group considered themselves to be “not” musical. Some participants chose prose,others poetry and all contributed and found support in sharing and listening to others memories.

Louise Robertson Founder member of Faslane Peace Camp and Dumbarton Womens Aid.

Image of Louise Robertson I attended Paulines music workshops for six weeks earlier this year and found them to be stimulating, interesting and fun. It was a small group who knew each other well but with pauline facilitating I soon felt very welcome and included.

The group were very supportive of each other and it felt fine to take that step from reading your poetry in your head to saying it out load in the group. Pauline found different new ways of helping us to look at rhyme and these excercises were a great way of expressing yourself.

I felt the classes were a great way of building your confidence and encouraging you to allow your voice to be heard.

Leanne’s’ McMurtrie Statement

Image of Leanne

I attended a music/writing workshop run by Pauline Bradley last year. I really enjoyed it and found it to be very therapeutic. I had never written before and wondered whether I’d be able to. I thought maybe I’d freeze and nothing would come, but I was soon to realise that would not be the case. I’m very proud to say I wrote a few pieces that were worthwhile and I realise that I can indeed write.

Pauline is lovely and makes you feel very welcome. She has a calm demeanour, which I found infectious. She is very encouraging and has a way of making people feel good about themselves. She uses rhythm and music to break down barriers of self-consciousness and make people feel more at ease with themselves and each other.

I only had six short sessions with the group and yet I felt it helped me greatly. I would definitely recommend Pauline’s groups to anyone.